Buddhism for Children

To Parents:

We all are concerned about our children growing up in the modern world in which emphasis is placed on looks and not on characters. Therefore, we all feel it is important to instill Buddha's beliefs in our children, to help them navigating through the difficult and demanding life. To that end, we create this special website to assist parents in raising children. You will find on this page stories, poems, web links, songs that may help you communicate to your children the fundamentals about Buddhist dharma. Together we will work to nurture the hearts and minds of our young and future followers.

To Children:

Welcome to Dharma for Children page. We create this page especially for you, the young Buddhists of the third generation. We hope through our selected stories, interesting web links, songs and so on, you will enjoy your time here, understand about Buddhism beliefs and learn something that can really help you lead a peaceful and spiritually rich life.